What are the benefits of the ad platform

Many companies do not have a marketer in the state and have problems with promotion. We have to solve the issues related to business advertising on our own. Look for ways to find customers and not to waste money.

As for companies or entrepreneurs, the field of activity, which is the provision of services, to identify awareness of consumers about their services and the company.
We’ll talk about that.
You can determine “what you know and how much your services are in demand” through:

  • market analysis – save time and order from a marketing Agency;
  • conducting surveys – requires time, can be implemented on their own or ordered from a marketing Agency;
  • conducting tests through ads – to carry out on their own, time-consuming, free of charge.

You can see that the option of testing through ads is the least expensive, and consider it.
This company can be implemented through the advertising and information platform.
To do this, it is enough to write and publish on the platform at least three versions of your service announcements. If Your company provides several types of services or goods – write separate ads for each service/product.
Keep statistics on the number of views and appeals to the company, so You can determine the demand in the market and the knowledge of consumers about Your services.
This method is also effective for startups when no one knows about You or your service.
Because the advertising and information platform has a number of advantages, namely:
Operational free placement of ads – just register.
Experts are engaged in the promotion of the platform – for You free of charge.
The platform has a cataloger – people can find the right ad in the appropriate category without effort.
Additional paid services to promote Your offers – the price is acceptable for both the company and the private entrepreneur. In comparison with the budget for advertising sites is negligible.
Open contacts of Your company – the opportunity to apply directly.

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