“What is better for an ad – a Unique selling proposition, Brevity or Informativeness?»

Considering many ads become unclear what exactly offers the author of the ad.
Among them there are short messages, for example “Plastic Windows”.
Is it hard to guess what is meant?
Sale of finished Windows. – What is the window? Who is the manufacturer?
Production of plastic Windows. – By what standards? What material?
And the installation who will do it?
“Plumbing services”.
From the toilet bowl broke off a piece at the top of the wall. All anything, but in the house a small child, there is a chance that will cut on the sharp edge. An urgent need to replace the toilet on the new.
Hello, I need to make the dismantling of the old toilet and install the new one.
We toilets are not changing, we are changing the faucets and pipes.
How many other “same ads” do You think I called?
I called only – where was the list of work performed.

There are ads with “unique offer”.
Production of plastic Windows. –
“You are not involved in the process at all stages of production, from measurement to installation.»

I, as a person far from this sphere of activity, have only to guess.
And frankly, divination painted not a rosy picture.
If I need to install a new window and I live on the third floor…
Measurement and installation of window, where are you going to do?
Without me in my apartment the door themselves open?
Naturally, I called there in whose announcement it was written: “Production of plastic Windows. Delivery. Coordinate the measurement and installation, will do at a convenient time for You. The warranty on the Windows and accessories.»

You probably ordered some service? Repair of an apartment or a car, sewing dresses or hairdressing services?
What ads do you call?
Those which are clearly and narrowly defined TSS?
For those where the information is brief, consistent and informative?

When writing an ad, take care of Your Client.
A waste of not only the customer’s time, but also Your time and money (you have to pay for telephone communication) – leads to disappointment and distrust in the future.
Take care of your business!

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