How to increase ad views

When people are looking for information on the Internet, no matter whether it be reference information, new movie, beauty shop, service station or search for the master for repair – first search page of Google or Bing and enter it in the relevant query.

Most of these queries users type the same, of which search engines form keywords.

By inserting these phrases and words in the description of Your service, product, or better in the title – You help your Customers find Your ad.Just do not add a lot of keys to the ad, because search engines can determine this as a violation (search engines have rules) and can impose filters and sanctions.

As a result, Your ad will be shown last in the search feed.

Working formula: one key – one Declaration.

Even if Your company provides several services – it is necessary to write ads separately for each service by adding one request. So You can increase the number of views of Your offers.

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